On December 15th, 1988, through the bull Cum Venerabilis Fratres written by Pope John Paul II, the Diocese of Colón was created and consequently separated from the Apostolic Vicariate of Darién. On June 13th, 1997 its name was changed to the current name: Diocese of Colón - Guna Yala. The province of Colón is located in the Caribbean at the entrance of the Panama Canal. It takes only 55 minutes on the road from the Pacific. It is the main trade port of the country. Colón is known as the second most important city of the Republic of Panama, but regarding its trade, it could boast itself as the capital of the hemisphere. .
At the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal, it may be found the the largest port system of Latin America. Regarding the fact that the Afro-Antillean who came from the Caribbean towards Panama were in its greatest majority jamaicans it remained a cultural legacy in the place that is the Rastafarianism: a sort of religion that is still active in several sectors of the population of the city of Colón. Its cuisine has a caribbean flavour and it is seasoned with spicy pepper, it is well known all over the country. Among its specialities the most famous are: fried food and seafood. The economy of the Region of Guna Yala is mainly based on agriculture, fishing, handicraft, and tourism.
Immaculate Conception
He was born in Las Tablas, province of Los Santos, on July 23rd, 1967. His primary education was in Guararé and highschool in Chitré. He started to study journalism, but suspended it in order to join the Order of Saint Augustin.
He became a priest on May 4th, 2002, in the city of David. He was appointed by Pope Francis as Bishop of the Diocese of Colón - Guna Yala, on July 7th, 2014. He was consecrated Bishop and was made a canon in the diocese by the bishop on September 27th, 2014.



Province of Colón and Comarca of Guna Yala

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Province of Colón


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4.868,4 km


241.928 inhabitants

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15 from December to 1988

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