The information points will be open from January 22nd to 27th around the Main Events, at every scheduled event during WYD, and areas of high concentration of people in Panama City, with the exception of airports and terminals. They will be open starting from January 12th, 2019.
The information points within Tocumen International Airport and Albrook Terminal will be open 24 hours. In the commercial centers, metro stations, and scheduled events starting from January 22nd, the information points will be open according to the set schedule at each site.
imagen punto de info

Pilgrims who go to information points can receive:

World Youth Day Schedule Information (Main Events, events like the Youth Festival, the Vocations Fair, the Garden of Forgiveness, Catechesis Centers, hydration points, transportation information, and medical services).
Information related to the main tourist points and recommended places to visit during their stay in Panama.

Go to the information points. The volunteers are waiting for you to offer you help.